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victim of bullying and was acting oddly, asking about school security and touting his military past. police say he was not armed and made out -- made no threats. police had a strange feeling about this guy and the next day officers got a search warrant and found several military-style assault weapons and handguns under his bed and in his mattress, including an ak-47, and the the assault weapon, two 8 millimeter bolt action rifles, and three handguns, one with a laser sight. they also found ammunition. the ak-47 was loaded with a 30- round magazine and one of the handguns was loaded and founded 9 millimeter barrel and silencer. all this was seized by police and beaumont was taken into custody. >> we live in an age that probably will never be the same again after connecticut. we thought 9/11 was a harbinger of a different era. and it was. post-connecticut, we have got to
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recognize as an agency, as a nation, as a state, that our school children, we have to take these kind of precautionary thorough investigative steps to make sure. >> police tell us beaumont is the legally registered owner of those weapons. he is officially charged with trespassing but at this time he is undergoing mental evaluations at sheppard hospital. school officials said there needs to be improvements in security. >> a loud and emotionally charged crowd converged on annapolis. 1000 gun rights activists rallied at the mall. several of them lined up to testify against the governor's gun-control legislation. david collins was in the thick of things and he joins us live from annapolis with the latest. >> the crowd was one of the largest in recent memory.
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so many people signed up to testify the senate committee reserve eight hours to hear from all sides. >> the right of the people to keep and bear arms. shall not be deprived. >> the police estimated the crowd of 1000 strong was allowed -- was loud and mostly charged with in your face gun rights messages. the nra organized it taking aim at governor mallees gun-control legislation being heard in committee. >> we will be the only ones to [indiscernible] because criminals do not follow laws. >> the nra offer scholarships for shooting. if this bill passes i will not be eligible for any of them. this is infringing on my educational opportunities. >> getting a license that must
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be renewed five years, submitting to background checks, limits on camel and clips. >> coverage is not there to determine our needs. is there to serve our needs. >> there was a shopping frenzy for firearms. >> i am senator nancy jacobs. i just bought a new gun. i did not do too bad, did i? >> a bald eagle circling the event galvanized our cause. >> that is a sign that we're on the right track. >> several people -- hundred people wanted to testify. the overflow room filled to capacity. >> one thing that will can appreciate is the fact that in our country, we're able to express these differences of opinion. >> the state attorney general
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considers the gun package constitutional. >> this is about public safety, about doing reasonable things that work to save lives. >> the gun rights rally lasted all day. lawmakers are divided over some alamance some form of gun control of deflation will land on the governor's desk. -- gun-control legislation will land on the governor's desk. >> if the city does not make major cuts and reforms in 10 years, bankruptcy may be the only option, a report said. moallemthe mayor talked about tt report. >> the report put out by public financial management, and corporate takes a closer look at what the city's books will look like in 10 years. according to this report, the news is not good.
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>> if we act now, if we act decisively and boldly, we can change the trajectory for the city. >> the mayor on the defensive after a privately commissioned report indicated that if nothing is done to the city's budget, baltimore will be in financial ruin by fiscal year 2022. take a closer look at the numbers assuming a continuation of closer -- programs and policies conducted by the city on the carry forward basis. in 10 years the city will be $745 million in the whole. add to that an additional $1.30 billion for failing infrastructure as well as health-care and pension benefits for retirees and you are talking more than $2 billion in the hole. >> i believe this report is a week of call to the city saying we need to get the finances in order. our expenses are somewhat less than our revenue. >> a towson university economist
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said the numbers are concerning especially because the city cannot tax its way out without losing more residents and businesses. the report points out baltimore's property tax and income tax rates are the highest in the state. unfortunately, pension reform is the big elephant in the room, the economist said and the mayor has a terribly hard job ahead of her. >> the mayor will have to make cuts in decisions that will prove to be unpopular in the short run. >> while the mayor did not offer specific details, she did highlight four key themes for cuts including identifying strategies to a line recurring revenues, reducing property and income taxes, addressing infrastructure, and addressing the city's long-term liabilities. >> as far as specifically what cuts will be made, the mayor said she will discuss that in her state of the city address
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next week. if you'd like to take a closer look at the report, we provided a link to it on our website, we're live outside city hall tonight. wbal tv 11 news. >> we have several updates. the stabbing that happened a few blocks away from yesterday's ravens victory celebration. city police say dionte smith was killed. it is reported to other teams were hurt -- teens were hurt. it is not clear if there were in the area because of the parade. police are releasing a flood of the suspect sometime soon. the rest of the baltimore county wife and mother. the door was locked so they called a tactical team to get inside. they found katie heidel stabbed to death. police arrested a 33-year-old
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man described as an acquaintance. her family and friends are devastated. >> our hope, whoever did this, they need to know how good a person she was and she had a small baby, ava, and now ava does not have a mother. >> police are not identifying the spesuspect until formal chas are filed. >> a double shooting in edgewood. garfield smith iii killed michael karrens and wounded another. police are looking at a tip that they may have gone into a part to purchase drugs. the other victim is in good condition. a guilty verdict in the murder trial of michael johnson. but after three days of deliberations, a baltimore jury
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convicted johnson of second- degree murder in the death of phylicia barnes. we have the latest. >> the verdict came after a 9.5 hours of deliberation. divens -- defense lawyers vow to fight it. prosecutors say it's tougthey're satisfied. from the beginning, phylicia suspected michael johnson had something to do with the death. >> the last person who seen her. never lifted a finger to help. >> a jury agreed, convicting johnson of second-degree murder, ending the case that got national attention and tore apart to families. >> an elephant took one of his feet off my chest. i can breathe a little bit better now. >> a much better place. >> it is what is and we still feel in our hearts that michael johnson is not guilty.
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>> johnson, the ex-boyfriend, was indicted last year. a year after the body was recovered from the susquehanna river. >> i asked him are you ok and he said i am numb. he is in shock and in disbelief. >> the case depended heavily on the testimony of an inmate. he said that johnson called him admitted killing her after forcing her to have sex and needed help getting rid of the body. he got the date in department location wrong but prosecutors used him to argue premeditated first-degree murder. the jury rejected that count. >> anytime you bring a high- profile murder cases such as this you have to have a first- degree conviction and they did not. i think that speaks volumes for their case and when you see the jury come back with a second degree on this type of case, and that shows a compromise and a number of issues the jury was having as well. >> we're prepared to take the
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tough cases to court when we feel that the evidence warrants it and at the end of the day of course, this is about phylicia barnes and her family. >> maximum penalty for second- degree murder is 30 years. michael johnson has no prior record. more about the inmate. prosecutors told jurors he was getting nothing for his testimony. today according to court records in charles county where he is serving time in jail, attendees were knocked off the one-year sentence he is serving for car theft. city prosecutors say they had nothing to do with it. i am jayne miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> president obama was in annapolis previewing his plans for this term. >> much more on the big deadline in washington, d.c. >> high-school football stars make their pick on where they will play for college. later in sports. >> a storm forming on the coast could impact or whether for friday
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>> president obama is hoping to get more democrats behind with his plans for this term. that is where the president addressed democrats at a closed- door democratic retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union address in hopes of getting more lawmakers on board with his push for immigration reform and a ban on assault weapons. >> the next major deadline is march 1, when a budget deal
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leaves to be reached. it is not the so-called sequestration will force mandatory reductions in military spending. army training and air force flying hours and global naval operations will shrink. also cuts looming in the social services. some republicans said push the deadline back seven months but house speaker john boehner said he will not blank. not blank in effect. >> i have had enough of it. it is time to act. >> the deadline stands. sequestration spending cuts strike in 23 days. >> three years ago today, the first of two blizzards in one week rolling through the area. the winter of 2010, a record- setting winter. it dumped over 30 inches of snow
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. 30 inches in essex. these are not all the numbers but close to your region. westminster, 28, here, 26 inches and at the airport, 25. other parts of anne arundel county had 30 inches. it depended on your backyards and how much those snow squalls hit you. that is about normal for this time of year. one degree is the record low going back to and the late 19th century. the clouds that were persistent across the northern tier of the state have thinned out quite a bit. and now a mainly clear sky for a good part of the evening. these temperatures to drop quickly. we're close to freezing in many areas. mild in southern maryland where they had more sun. 20 in the colder suburbs and 30 in downtown overnight tonight. late tomorrow and friday, new storm will be forming.
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the front kick of the clouds and gusty winds will be gone. high-pressure will hold on tomorrow morning but by tomorrow evening, a storm on the coast and the upper midwest will combine into one powerful east coast storm. late tonight and friday and saturday will be the main impact. winter storm watches are up now for good part of upstate new york, much of new england and that will be expanded as the storm gets cranking. we will see increasing and the kinthickening cloudiness. after sunset tomorrow we might get the first precipitation. it will be chilly then so we will get a light mix of rain and sleet and freezing rain or snow especially midnight tomorrow night. the wintry mix changes over to rein in the afternoon. you can see the rain can be heavy and parts of the eastern shore. a heavy snowfall and ventnor city and boston and maybe parts of philadelphia.
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as cold air comes in behind the nor'easter, our rain may change back to snow before pulls out saturday. we will get a wintery mix of precipitation for it snowfall totals could be impressive. fiddes late friday into saturday when the rain could change to snow but by friday evening, several inches around nyc and boston and look what happens as the coastal storm explodes. that bright pink area. two or 3 feet of snow could fall in the new york and boston corridor late friday night going into saturday. we could get a couple of inches. cloudy skies. lee tomorrow evening, snow or sleet or freezing rain. the wind on the bay out o[inaud] this may be changing to all snow saturday morning. drier weather and rain monday of
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next week. -- drier weather on sunday. rain monday of next week. >> the tigers landed one of the top defensive players. and a four star recruit, giving maryland a badly needed infusion of talent. there were decimated by injury last year. the recruiting class ranks as high as 31st in the nation. including five players from the area. and a lineman in college park next fall. the rev. will have the shortest off-season. there will appear live in the first regular season game.
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the 2013 season opens thursday, september 5. the ravens will host that game. the nfl will not name the opponent. with jonathan ogden going into the hall of fame in august, they will play the first hall of fame game. sunday august 4 after the hall of fame induction ceremony. and lanie walker, no. 46. in the hours following the super uncle alker's aunt and died in a car accident. the driver of the other car suffered only minor injuries and faces the debut in charges and vehicular homicide. the end of the nfl season
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marks decision time. donald driver added his name to the alumni list. he leaves as the packers' all- time leading receiver. a huge turnout for him at lambeau field. he did not invent the lambeau leap but he officially enjoyed it more than any other packer. a lot of weeping for donald driver -- leaping coming to an end for donald driver. to walk away from the game knowing that i have given it all that i can. >> in the spirit of his leap, tom will leap onto the anger deck when he comes on to
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>>ere is a look at what we're lookinworking on for 11 news tonight. we are following the continuing details. details. the new national
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>> a cloudy day tomorrow. rush hour friday morning could be tricky. it might change to all snow friday night into saturday morning. if you're taking the train or the car out toward new york and boston, big * no up there. a couple of feet. it might complicate travel.
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it might complicate travel. -- big time snow up
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